October 6, 2010
1) Introduction to AISI project for the year Completed with grade 5's
2) Tech stuff
a1. Linking emails - Gmail and chinooksedge.ab.ca - Completed with grade 5's
a. Google stuff :
Using Google Forms for assessment

b. Common and Student Folders - Completed with grade 5's
c. Student Gmail - When? Why? How?
d. Creative Commons
creative commons
More Copywright-"free"Images
e. Citefast.com
Citing Student work
f. Cameras for Classrooms
3) UDL - Universal Design for Learning
Ready to Use Examples
4) Plan for Mini-Fieldtrip
5) IPP

6) Outcomes for LA and Social studies - planned a day to figure these out -- October 18 (Monday)
December 16, 2010 -- Grade Whatever Team

1. Digital Citizenship - see link at left
2. Audacity - Audio program on all school computers
Smart Notebook audio program
3. Introduction to Web 2.0 Tools
http://visualblooms.wikispaces.com/ - a whole host of 2.0 tools are available through this site

a. voicethread -
Here is a tutorial on how to set up a voice-thread:

Some examples of voice-threads in the classroom:
b. Glogster - edu
c. Prezi
4. Planning for our mini-fieldtrips

Grade 8 Agenda - Oct. 28
1. Introduction to AISI project for the year
2. Discuss grade team cameras
3. Common and Student Folders
4. Linking emails - Gmail and chinooksedge.ab.ca
5. Student Gmail - When? Why? How?
6. Creative Commons: creative commons (see Creative Commons on Wiki)
7. Citefast.com: Citing Student work
8. UDL - Universal Design for Learning
Ready to Use Examples
9. TPAK: introduction to how to include pedagogy, content, knowledge and technology
10. LearnAlberta
11. Plan for Mini-Field Trips –
12. Allow teachers time to work on a mini-fieldtrip..
- DD thinking about a gr. 8 math trip to the grocery store
- Georgie looking at the Museum – what is available for social studies?
- Gary – not sure yet

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Agenda - Round three
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Grade 5 - January 26, 2011
Grade 6 - January 19, 2011
Options group - February 18, 2011

1. Review of goals for Cycle 4 Year two
2. Mini-fieldtrip plans -- add to table on home page
3. Continue planning of mini-fieldtrip plans - keep in mind TPACK and UDL
4. Voicethread and Glogster - practice creating and sign-up for student access -- other tools?
5. Digital Citizenship - Parent guide to Facebook - see link on Digital Citizenship Links page at left

Not for grade 5's this year
6. Junior Achievement - see folder for lessons for your class