Gr. Level Meetings - Round 2 March 12, 2012

GOAL FOR THE DAY: To collaborate, connect and learn from each other.

9:00 Review and Reflection What do we want to continue OR what do we need moving forward?
Review upcoming Learning Coach days.

"The Highly Engaged Classroom" - Chapter Exercises from chapters 3, 4, 5


View A lesson caught on video

Article on Learning strategies to use in class to engage students

The Teacher Channel - model lessons - The card-o-matic strategy Discussion questions
Resources that we can use to help us as Learning Coaches: - a link to videos on teaching strategies and model lessons University of Kansas - with Links to the Big Four A place for conversations on the Big Four - Middle School Insider
Engagement 1 page article - good tips

Other Resources to use as well: - links to Learning Coaching and Collaboration tools to use with your learning coach partner - Universal Design for Learning -- links to a wealth of resources on 2.0 Tools and the three areas it deals with (multiple means of Representation, Engagement, and Action & Expression) -- see the UDL page on this wiki for much more UDL VIDEO

To look at before lunch - Digital Citizenship, UDL, iPad Apps

Lunch Report Card review -
145 - Work time